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Q1:What is SLA 3D printing?

A:SLA 3D printing(Three Dimensional Printing) is a process that bulid a three-dimensional object from CAD model and than successively adding material layer by layer,which is also called additive manufacturing.


Q2: How can SLA 3D printing help your business?

A:SLA 3D printing can lower the production cost for you since it can print the oders on demand.You don’t have to pay the outsourcing fee.


Q3: Which fields can SLA printing be applied to?

A:Many fields,For example, automobile, medical, aerospace , manufacturing,etc.

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SLA 3D Printer


  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for various material
  • Customized options available
  • UV light 3D printer

Printing material:Resin

Transparent/Flexible/Temperature Resistant

  • Suitable for various printers
  • Reasonable price
  • Material science expert support
  • Light sensitive resin




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Ideal Fields


More and more automobile brands use SLA printer to make vehicle parts now.

Medical materials

SLA printing is the new solution to many traditional medical problems.


Ideal choice here for you!SLA printer can help you reduce the time for molding.


SLA printing can be used in high-tech field like aerospace as well.

Invisible braces production

SLA 3D printing is used in the entire invisible braces production process, customize the dental model of different correction stages.

The rubbery bottom section of the shoe

Traditionally, footwear company will use outsourced CNC epoxy models at the prototyping phase of a new product.

Vacuum casting and reaction injection molding

SLA printer can provide reliable and lower cost 3D printing solutions for the automotive industry.

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