General Type ABS Resin ABS-101


The main reason why many customers choose AS-901 is its transparency, but it also considers its easy cleaning and various post-processing conveniences. This is also a high-precision 3D printing material that can be used for high-precision models. In many cases, there is little or no post-processing, so the molding is very fast.

Flexible Resin F-77A


The DF-40A is a highly flexible 3D printed material,

it has good strength and resistance to humidity.Ideal for silicone toys.

Seewe ABS-101 is photopolymer resin,ideal material for SLA printing .
It has the advantages of high printing accuracy and speed.
Printed parts have excellent moisture resistance,good chemical resistance, low shrinkage and good dimensional stability.

Transparent Resin AS-901


The toughness of F-77A is even better, it can be applied for more usages and applications. Ideal for models and parts with high tenacity requirements.

Flexible Resin F-77A